Types of cowsheds

Types of cowsheds2018-11-12T15:56:16+02:00

1. Milking Institute using the “turnstile” method.

2. Milking Institute using the “Avenue of the Fish” method.

3. Milking Institute using the Parallel method.

4. Growing cowshed with external and internal cavity cells.

5. Silage pits.

6. Wastewater Treatment Plant and Waste. Cells for calves of all sizes.

8. Structures for storing mixtures.

9. Containers for storage of seeds.

10. Water tanks.

11. Systems for milking and milk storage equipment.

In addition, there are various equipment and systems for water splashing, control and control.
In addition, we are also making upgrades to existing systems with advanced technologies.

All these important factors significantly affect the quality of the increase in cows and the quantity and quality of milk production.

The most important factors influencing the construction of cowsheds are the improved living conditions of the animals, and therefore today the agricultural sector is undergoing a reform of the construction of a dairy farm (robotic cowshed). After years of experience many dairy farmers have moved to a low milking pipe.

In addition, increasing the area of ​​the deposit for each cow within the shed, increasing the area of ​​the yard and building advanced and special roof of the barn improves
And increases the speed of air flow in the shed.

In addition, the addition of larger and more advanced ventilation systems combined with a “spray cluster” located at the front of the fan and splashing water horizontally to prevent the wetting of the surface, and increases the cooling of the cow and reduces the cost of padding and other products.

There is also an improvement in the heat exchange and cooling of the cow in the lower region, and the goal is a positive change in the product and in the quantity and quality of the yield of the cow.
The obvious result is “a happier and more profitable cow.”
In the construction of the surfaces of all types of milking parlors, various types of wetting chambers, marinade pits and growing cows have different methods of building slopes, concrete slabs, drains, roughness, roof elevations and system upgrades.

ASR Bunim Ha’Aretz Ltd. specializes in the installation of “solar farms”, a new field in Israel, which is gaining great momentum especially in the agricultural field which is most suitable and ideal for use of this advanced technology. Most of the owners of cowsheds, poultry farms and owners of buildings that they have Large and wide roofs, were able to understand that the future is in alternative energy solutions and their advantage is large areas are not yet exploited.

The use of energy solutions to generate electricity is economic and very profitable and pays off over the years.
The information on “green energy” solutions can be obtained in the category of energy solutions.