A.S.R Building the land l.t.d was founded in 2006 as CEO
And company owners Rami glam. Rami specialized in the field after completing his studies in engineering
Building In 1996, he supervised and carried out projects in a variety of fields in the construction industry. The company is located in Moshav Sde Uziyahu in israel, and operates throughout the all over the world. The company is an expert in its field. The company employs engineers, architects, Designers, teams, and professionals who collaborate in planning and execution
The projects until the finish is perfect.
As well as the growing need of many customers, A.S.R Building the land l.t.d
invests considerable resources in planning and providing consultation and guidance from the initial stages And until the completion of the project, as well as the provision of engineering solutions for industry in all areas of construction.
The types of construction in the company are extensive and include: construction of arches, structures Manufacturing, construction of poultry farms, construction of dairy farms, storage structures, cooling houses, all types
Pens, industrial factories, and more.
Recently, the company has joined the company “Diuk arches”, and today
Is one of the leading companies in the production and processing of steel profiles for the industrial sectors
And the only building and company in Israel that builds arches by rolling steel without construction.
The company also has overseas distributors, and the company exports independent assembly kits.
The company also has a network of exclusive distributors around the world.
The company has many customers in Israel and around the world (including the Ministry of Defense, Air Industry,
EAPC, Israel Police, Dead Sea Works, Teva ,WIZO, various kibbutzim and moshavim, Private and institutional customers and is a recognized supplier of the Ministry of Defense.
Our view of the world is to focus on and to ensure performance and professional and dedicated service To our customers while meeting the deadlines to satisfy our customers’ needs up to their absolute satisfaction, all these standards are provided by our company without compromise,
Since we believe that professionalism in execution is reflected in high standards. We also believe that the use of raw materials and equipment
Of the best manufacturers in Israel and abroad pays off with a final result,
A fact that proves itself over the years and increases the strength and longevity of the structure.